Modern employees and salespeople are incentivized by more complex reasons than ever before—and not all of them are tangible.  Yelp shows their employees appreciation by commissioning custom oil portraits of them.


Companies with high employee engagement reap a number of valuable benefits: productivity and innovation flourish, employee retention is high, and loyalty is fostered. One innovative way that companies have driven employee engagement and differentiate themselves in a competitive job market is through their art recognition programs.


Millennials now comprise the largest segment of the American workforce, and a recent study shows that nearly four in every five employees would prefer new perks and benefits over a pay increase.


As part of “Employee Success”, companies both large and small are turning to custom, Renaissance-style oil paintings of their employees to recognize performance and achievements.


Chris Jensen says, “When you think about it, a gift card to a coffee shop doesn’t cut it anymore. Over the past three years, we have increasingly commissioned portraits of employees to recognize top salesperson, for winners of bug-breaking competitions, to recognize employees who have made it to the one or eight-year mark.”  


Each company conducts their unveiling ceremony a little differently. Some companies unveil them as part of small monthly ceremonies, while others present them at company retreats or conventions. Receiving such a unique gift is not for the faint of heart. The genuine reactions and shocked looks on the faces of the receiver can cause endless laughter, to the point of breathlessness.


“Our paintings are individually handpainted and made according to our customers requests. In most cases, the winners get to pick what they wish to be painted as. As such, our paintings bring to life the vision of the employee has of themselves.” Portraits do not necessarily need to be of Renaissance royalty. “We have commissioned portraits of employees as football players, singers, and even one as an emu.”


Most of the time, the paintings stay on the walls of the office and, as months roll by and companies grow, so, too, does their collection of fine art. Yelp began their Wall of Game in NYC three years ago, and has turned into a formidable recognition strategy that continues to motivate its employees.


“Imagine walking past a portrait of yourself among those of your peers every morning as you get to your desk or seeing those peers and working diligently to see yourself commemorated alongside them.”  There are many ways to boost employee engagement. Nobilified’s paintings bring joy, smiles and laughs, helping create an environment your employees want to be in.




Nobilified is dedicated to revolutionizing the art world. Nobilified believes that while not everyone may have the artistic skills required to paint a masterpiece, everyone possesses an intuitively creative mind. At Nobilified, customer dreams and fantasies are transformed into actual works of art. Nobilified has commissioned portraits for companies such as Yelp, Twitter, AirBNB, Google, Octopus Investments among others as well as numerous NFL players and celebrities.


In addition to providing high quality oil paintings, Nobilified wants to change the way people perceive art, by making it fun and accessible, thus giving customers the opportunity to share or gift a unique custom made oil painting with friends and family.




A classically trained artist has recreated historical painting ‘The Nightmare’ – replacing the Incubus demon with controversial American presidential candidate Donald Trump. Profits from prints of the painting will go towards Rainn, a charity dedicated to rape, sexual assault and incest.


‘The Nightmare’, painted by Andrew Fuseli in 1781, depicts a sleeping woman with an Incubus demon sat on top of her. The classic painting has been reimagined with Donald Trump, the controversial American presidential candidate who has recently been accused of being sexually derogatory towards women.


The reworked piece of art has been renamed ‘Every woman’s nightmare’.


You can see the final version of the artwork on this blog post here, where prints are also available to buy here.


The painting was commissioned by quirky painting gift site,, based in Canada, to coincide with the upcoming American presidential election on the 8th November. The piece is completely hand painted by a classically trained artist and took more than a week to complete.


Donald Trump, a father to two daughters, was recorded boasting about groping women and that ‘when you’re a star…you can do anything’. In response to this, profits from prints of the painting will be donated to Rainn, a charity dedicated to helping victims of rape, sexual assault and incest.


In the painting, Donald Trump is depicted as the Incubus, with the original body. However the creature is sporting one of his famous facial expressions that is often shared online in memes. Every other aspect of the painting has been kept the same, including the victim and the horse.


An Incubus is a demon that takes male form and preys on women according to mythology. specialise in replicating classic hand painted portraits with a modern twist. Customers can have their own faces painted on to any existing portrait, with examples including the Mona Lisa, American Gothic and Joan of Arc.


The Canadian art website works with a number of classically trained artists, who each hand paint on to canvases of varying sizes, to then be shipped worldwide.


Chris Jensen, founder of said,


“I don’t think there’s one person on this planet that hasn’t heard of Donald Trump and his outrageous comments. With the election coming up we wanted to highlight his controversial comments the best way we know how – and ‘The Nightmare’ seemed liked the perfect painting.


“We will be selling prints of ‘Every woman’s nightmare’ to raise funds for Rainn, a very suitable charity considering the recent revelations about Trump. The original painting will be sent to the White House for the new President to enjoy whether that is Hillary or The Donald!”

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it's time to start looking for gifts for friends and family. Many of us will start to shop in November to try and beat the last minute rush, so if you'd like to impress someone with a gift that they would cherish for life, why not give them a Nobilified portrait as a wonderful gift this Christmas season?

Here's another great idea for Christmas: There's a fun gift exchange that takes place during Christmas parties called White Elephant Gift Exchange. The ideas is that each guest has to bring a single funny, unusual or GAG gift to the party and everyone gets to pick, open and steal gifts from each other. In order for the organizers of the Christmas party to encourage bringing great white elephant gifts, the party will often include a grand prize, given to the person who brought a gift that got stolen the most, thus being the most desirable.

The grand prize is usually something really cool. What if, for your Christmas gift exchange, the grand prize was the Nobilified portrait of the boss? Now that would be not only funny but fun, and it would encourage all the participants to try extra hard and bring better gifts for the Christmas gift exchange.

Amidst the Instagram uproar over Justin Bieber and his new girlfriend Sofia Richie, a classically trained artist has recreated an historic painting depicting Thetis and Jupiter in order to celebrate the model’s 18th birthday and the couple’s budding relationship. Thetis represents model Sofia Richie and Jupiter, teenage heart throb Justin Bieber.


“Jupiter and Thetis”, painted by Jean August Dominique Ingres in 1811, depicts Thetis begging Jupiter to save the fate of her son Achilles, embroiled in the Trojan war. 


In the modern adaptation of the painting, both Justin and Sofia are partially draped in fabric with Justin Bieber sitting on a marble throne, modelling his classically swept blonde hair with most of his tattoos on display as well as his acoustic guitar which he uses to woo his legions of beliebers. Sofia kneels and caresses Bieber’s chin as she seeks his attention. Featured, floating in the sky amongst the clouds, is Bieber’s first love, Selena Gomez, who has been acting as a guardian angel for Bieber’s fans while simultaneously being the catalyst for Justin deleting his Instagram account.


Nobilified founder, Chris Jensen said “ Through his music and good looks, Justin has become a god to many young girls around the world. However, this has not stopped him from being harassed on social media by his own legion of fans who have shown to be aggressive as he expresses his new love interest. While many see Bieber as untouchable, deleting his Instagram account of 77.8million followers shows just how cyber bullying can affect us all.”


Both Bieber’s and Jupiter’s power are difficult for women to resist.  Unlike Jupiter, Bieber made a decision to protect his girlfriend and relationship instead of continuing to receive the simultaneous adoration and condemnation of his female fans via social media. This makes him more likable than Jupiter and, more empathetic than any past version of himself.


“At Nobilified, we thought about which historical portraits best captured the energy between these two love birds and the complications brought about from their past relationships. We wanted to depict the severe contrast between the grandeur, might and majesty of the supreme olympian male deity, Jupiter, in comparison with the delicate and seductive presence of the female nymph beside him. Demonstrating that in this young relationship, Bieber holds all the marbles.










The panama papers are looking into the works of the one percent and how they move money through fine art.  Excellent read

Lot 33 spun into view, hanging on a revolving panel. The brilliantly coloured Women of Algiers (version O), Pablo Picasso’s postwar masterpiece, was moments away from finding a new owner.

The year was 1997, and 2,000 people had assembled at the Manhattan salesroom of the Christie’s auction house. The collection of Victor and Sally Ganz, one of the most important caches of modern art in private hands, had drawn a capacity crowd. The audience grasped their bidding paddles, surrounded by smartly dressed assistants manning 60 specially installed telephone lines.

“Sixteen million,” the auctioneer announced. “Nineteen million … 20 million, 20 million dollars … 22 million … 27 million dollars? Twenty-eight million …”

When the hammer came down, the art world had changed forever. A London dealer, reportedly acting for a mystery Middle Eastern client, had paid $31.9m for a canvas acquired 40 years earlier for $7,000. The Ganz auction was regarded, even at the time, as a milestone. It marked the moment when art became a global commodity, an investment alternative to property and stock markets, at least for those at the top of the money tree.

“All of a sudden the game was afoot with the Ganz sale in a way that hadn’t happened before,” says Todd Levin, director of the Levin Art Group, a New York-based art advisory firm. “It was like a steroid injection to the market.”

 A classically trained artist has recreated an historic painting depicting ancient lovers Cupid and Psyche - replacing Cupid with One Direction heart throb Harry Styles - and Psyche with reality star and model, Kendall Jenner, to celebrate what will be their first Valentine’s Day as a couple.

'The Abduction of Psyche', painted by William-Adolphe Bouguereau in 1895 depicts Cupid holding his wife Psyche lovingly in his arms. Inspired by Kendall Jenner's model looks and Harry Styles' lothario reputation, quirky Canadian art company, chose this famous 19th century artwork to reimagine the much-publicised couple as. 

In the painting, both Harry and Kendall are nude with Harry Styles modelling his signature swept-back long hair with most of his tattoos on display and Kendall sporting her fresh-faced model look.

Harry Styles, a member of popular boyband One Direction, already has a reputation as a womaniser with a sring of famous girlfriends. The press recently revealed that Harry and Kendall, who shot to fame on reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, were dating, igniting a worldwide frenzy from One Direction and Kardashian fans.

 The 60*80cm piece has been commissioned by Nobilified to celebrate the famous couple’s first Valentine’s Day together and was entirely hand painted, taking more than eight days to finish. Fans of Harry and Kendall can win the oil on canvas artwork by expressing their love for the couple on Twitter, tagging @nobilified in, or they can simply buy a print at our society6 page. 



“Harry and Kendall are the hottest couple around right now and breaking a lot of hearts around the world, so we felt it was important to help remember and cherish this important cultural moment. 

 “At Nobilified, we thought about which historical portraits best captured the energy between these two lovebirds and felt the love story full of trials and tribulations between Cupid and Psyche hit the nail on the head in terms of romance, aesthetics and messaging. We’re really happy with the result and excited to send it as our Valentine’s day gift to one lucky fan to hang on their wall!"

At Nobilified, we like to do things outside the box. We got in touch with Jesse and Kong who run the Youtube chanel Simple Pick up and had 2 beautiful hand oil paintings made for the duo. Basically Jesse and Kong teach socially awkward guys how to gain confidence and socialize. We decided to paint Jesse as a Maharaja and Kong as a knight in shinning armor. The boys loved their custom canvas paintings. All they had to do was send us photos of their faces and we created two unique painting from photographs.  Jesse and Kong do not take themselves seriously and are all round great lads. The two personalized oil painting appear at the minute and a half mark. After 2 days, the video reached 130,000 views. Its definitely worth the watch. Click on the link below to watch and give them a subscribe! Or maybe order yourself your very own custom oil painting from photo!

Nobilified was recently part of a fundraising effort. Targeting Katie Hopkins, we decided to paint the lovely lady as Christ crucified on the cross.  The portrait was made and prints of the custom oil portrait were put on sale to raise money for a Syrian Refugee organization looking to help host a family in Canada.


The controversial portrait was picked up by the UK's independent newspapers and legendary Huffington post. Katie Hopkins even joined in on the fun saying that we should send the portrait to a mosque in Luton. 

Painted in the style of renaissance artist Diego Velazquez’s masterpiece of Christ on the cross, the portrait was inspired by the 40-year-old’s claim she was the “Jesus of the outspoken”.


Hopkins suggested in April refugees were “cockroaches” as British newspapers carried reports of men, women and children drowning off Europe’s coast. Her remarks were later condemned by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights.


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