Multi pack

Looking to order more than just one painting?
In our quest to nobilify the globe, we have created the multi pack!  
Perfect for group celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and corporate events.

Discount rates:
3 paintings in 1 order = 5% off
5 paintings in 1 order = 10% off
10 paintings in 1 order = 15% off

To order a multi pack is really easy:
- Add the paintings you want to your shopping cart.
- Upload face photos and pictures of any desired additional items for each painting.
- Fill in comments and instructions for the artist for each picture.
- Follow normal checkout procedure.

If you want several identical copies of one nobilified painting,
select the number you desire of that particular painting in your shopping cart or during checkout.

Discounts will be subtracted from your total price during checkout.